There have been some very busy months lately, and as the project wraps up we’re only set to get busier. So receiving a lovely letter of thanks from the local parish has lifted spirits on site.

In November we donated some plywood sheets to St James’ Church. Our donation was warmly received, and we then had this note delivered to us as thanks from the Rector of Morpeth Parish, Rev Simon White:

“Thank you so much for the generous contribution. The sheets were used to cover pews in the church and provide stalls for traders. This was a community event and almost 450 people attended. This money raised by the event was close to £800 and this is to be divided between three local charities.

“Many of the stall holders were also raising money for charity and a stall holder representing Syrian refugees made over £600.

“There was a good atmosphere throughout and the organisers were very grateful for the help of many people.

“Carillion has already helped the community around St Aidan’s Church by carrying out landscaping and I wish to express thanks on behalf of the Parish of Morpeth for your continued help to the community as you deliver on construction projects in the area.”

It’s brilliant to receive warm thanks, but we are always happy to help!

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