A big part of our work through the project is to ensure we protect local wildlife, and we do everything we can for those that live in and around works, but there are some people who go above and beyond for every critter…

We’re now helping with the redevelopment of Hilltop Animal Farm Sanctuary, at Tritlington and West Chevington. A gentleman called Robin Hills is driving the charge to get the sanctuary tip-top, and we’re donating any surplus materials we have that can be of use – like materials that can build fences and shelters for the brilliant array of animals at the sanctuary.

img_0298The sanctuary is in the early days of r-development and expansion at the moment, so it only has a couple of pigs, a few ponies, dogs, and four alpacas as well as hens and ducks at the moment, but Robin is determined to see it grow to offer sanctuary to more animals. The sanctuary has just rescued two donkeys and has another 11 alpacas ready to move in!


It’s great to see people putting so much effort into providing such a great life for animals in need – great job Robin!

The sanctuary is looking for donations so it can continue with its redevelopment and provide a safe place for animals – you can donate via its GoFundMe page here: www.gofundme.com/HTFAS.

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