If you don’t already know, our team is very passionate about working sustainably, so we recycle materials wherever we can, from the earth we move to the rain that falls – really!

Attached to the edges of our compound buildings we have IBC tanks (you’ll probably know them better as water butts or tanks), these catch the rainwater that falls into our guttering meaning we have rainwater to put to use.

010Lately, since the weather’s a little more on the wet side meaning the site is a bit mucky, we’ve been using the water to refill our jet wash – which is there to clean our vehicles and machinery before they leave site so we keep the surrounding roads nice and clean to avoid mud making roads slippy.

When the weather is a little drier the water is used for dust suppression.

This is such a simple way of working sustainably, and one you can even employ at home! If you’re a keen gardener, having a tank to catch the rain water can help you save money on your utility bills by using stored rainwater instead of tap water to feed your plants. Or, stored rainwater can even be used to wash your own car!

We’re really proud of the fact we work sustainability, and hopefully there’s a chance our practices get employed by a few members of the community too, to help us towards a greener region!

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